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   Grade 5 Ballet Videos


Exercise 1 Plie

Exercise 2 Tendu

Exercise 3 Battement Glisse

Exercise 4 Rond de Jambe a Terre

Exercise 5 Battement Frappe

Exercise 6 Petit Battement

Exercise 7 Retire & Balance

Exercise 7A Fondu - Male

Exercise 8 Grand Battement

Exercise 9 Developpe

Exercise 10 Grand Battement en Cloche

Exercise 11 Pas de Bouree Piquee

Exercise 12 Echappe


Exercise 1 Tendu

Exercise 2 Port De Bras

Exercise 3 First Pirouette

Exercise 4 Pirouette en Dehors - Female

Exercise 4A Pirouette en Dehors - Male

Exercise 5 Pirouette en Dedans

Exercise 6 Temps Lie

Exercise 7A Adage - Female

Exercise 7B Adage - Male

Exercise 8A Saute - Female

Exercise 8B - Male

Exercise 9A Polanaise & Port de Bras - Female

Exercise 9B Polanaise & Port de Bras - Male

Exercise 10A Pas de Chat & Pas de Basque - Female

Exercise 10B Tour en L'Air - Male

Exercise 11 Petit Allegro

Exercise 12A Allegro - Female

Exercise 12B Allegro - Male

Exercise 13A Grand Allegro - Female

Exercise 13B Grand Allegro - Male

Exercise 14A Port de Bras & Reverance - Female

Exercise 14B Port de Bras & Reverance - Male