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Grade 1 Tap Videos

Warm Ups

Warm Up Exercise 1 Tap Springs

Warm Up Exercise 2 Pick Ups

Warm Up Exercise 3 Heel & Toe Drops/Beats


Barre Exercise 1 Hops & Springs

Barre Exercise 2 Shuffles

Barre Exercise 3 Double Heel Digs & Toe Kicks

Barre Exercise 4 Shuffle Ball Change

Floor Patterns

Floor Pattern 1 Tap Step Heel Drop & Tap Step Ball Change

Floor Pattern 2 Tap Step or Spring Crossing

Floor Pattern 3

A Toes Heels & Gallops (Sideways)

B Heels Toes & Gallops (Diagonal)


Steps 1 Shuffle Step Exercise

Steps 2 Shuffle Hop Step

Steps 3 Basic Time Step & Flap Break

Steps 4 Basic Time Step & Basic Break

Steps 5 Rhythm Clap